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We believe that beer should be celebrated each and every day. However, every so often, there should also be big, loud, colorful celebrations of beer and all the culture that surrounds it, just to keep things interesting.

We have some serious planning to do, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming.

– John Brews

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over 100 years

In 1994, Garrett Oliver was brought on board as brewmaster to helm the brewing program and work on establishing the brand new Williamsburg brewhouse.

Garrett began homebrewing in the 1980’s after living in England for a time, where he discovered cask-fermented real ale in between gigs managing rock bands.

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original 1884

original recipe

Fortunately for beer lovers and beer newbies everywhere, the basic formula for beer has remained the same for centuries.

dark & pale


Where the beer industry is concerned, whatever you pick up from your refrigerated case, the malt-hops-yeast will be glory.

seasonal ales

summer & winter

Looking a little more closely, we learn that beer, like leavened bread, is the product of starch-based yeast fermentation.

craft beer brewery

Summer Ales

seasonal ales

Hops, the cone-shaped flower of a tall climbing plant related to Cannabis, are added in the brewing process both as a means of clarification and stabilisation, and to impart their flavours.

And you don’t mess with the simplicity of a good recipe because the base of the beer is a grain mash, final colors usually tend to land somewhere in the brownish spectrum.

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